April 23, 2014 </br>Bright Wednesday </br>Great Martyr and Wonderworker George

April 23, 2014
Bright Wednesday
Great Martyr and Wonderworker George


Paschal Troparion with Versicles

The celebrant sings the following versicles, and to each one the people respond by singing: “Christ is risen …”

v. Let God arise and let his enemies be scattered, * and let those who hate Him flee from before His face.

v. As smoke vanishes, so let them vanish as wax melts before the fire.

v. So let the wicked perish at the presence of God, and let the righteous ones rejoice.

v. This is the day that the Lord has made, let us exalt and rejoice in it.

v. Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, now and for ever and ever. Amen.


Litany of Peace


At Psalm 140

In Tone 4

10. We never cease to adore your life-giving Cross, O Christ our God,
and we glorify your Resurrection on the third day.
For You, almighty One, have thereby restored the corrupted nature of all
and reopened the way to heaven,
since You alone are gracious and You love all people.

9. O Saviour, You have absolved the penalty of disobedience,
committed through the tree of Eden,
by willingly being nailed to the tree of the Cross.
As almighty God, You descended into Hades
and broke asunder the bonds of Death.
We, therefore, venerate your Resurrection from the dead
and joyfully cry out to You:
Almighty Lord, glory to You!

8. O Lord, You have battered down the gates of Hades,
and by your death You have dissolved the realm of Death.
You have freed the human race from corruption,
bestowing life, incorruption, and your great mercy upon the world.

7. Come, all you people,
let us sing the praises of our Saviour’s Resurrection on the third day.
For we have thereby been delivered from the invincible bonds of Hades,
and we have received incorruption, together with eternal life.
Therefore, we cry out to You
after your crucifixion, burial, and resurrection:
Save us by your Resurrection, for You love all people.

In Tone 4

6. Having gathered together today,
we praise you, O George, as a valiant martyr.
You kept the faith and completed the course
and received from God the crown of victory.
Entreat Him to deliver from tribulations and corruption
those who faithfully observe your precious memory.

5. Having gathered together today,
we praise you, O George, as a valiant martyr.
You kept the faith and completed the course
and received from God the crown of victory.
Entreat Him to deliver from tribulations and corruption
those who faithfully observe your precious memory.

4. Drawing hope from your firmness of mind, O glorious one,
you willingly persevered to martyrdom like a lion.
Scorning the body as something that would wither,
you were wisely concerned with your incorruptible soul.
Covered with wounds by various forms of torture, O George,
like gold you were purified sevenfold.

3. You suffered martyrdom in behalf of the Saviour, O glorious one,
by a death similar to his voluntary death.
You reign gloriously with Him,
clothed with the resplendent purple robes of your blood,
and you are adorned with the sceptre of your sufferings.
O great-martyr George,
you are resplendent in your crown of victory
throughout all generations.

2. With faith as your armour and with grace as your shield,
with the cross as your spear, you waged war.
You were invincible in facing the foes, O George.
Like a mighty warrior, you destroyed the camps of the demons.
Now you are dancing joyfully with the angels.
Indeed you defend, sanctify, and save the faithful who invoke you.

1. We recognize you as a very bright star,
a sun shining in the firmament of the heavens,
a very precious pearl sparkling more than a gem.
O George the conqueror, we glorify you
as a son of the day and a courageous martyr.
We commemorate you as a defender of the faithful in tribulations.

In Tone 6, Glory…

You were true to your name, O warrior George,
for you took the cross of Christ upon your shoulders.
You ploughed well the land made barren by the deceits of the devil;
you rooted out the weeds of idol worship
arid planted the vine of the true faith.
Therefore, your healing overflows to the faithful throughout the whole world,
and you have shown yourself to be the righteous gardener of the Trinity.
Pray for peace in the world and salvation for our souls.


Who would not call you blessed, O Virgin most holy?
Who would not sing a hymn of praise
to the glory of your giving birth without pain or travail?
The Only-begotten Son Himself,
begotten of the Father before all ages,
was made flesh out of you in a manner
that cannot be explained, O Woman most pure!
And for our sake, He Who is God by nature
assumed the nature of a man.
He is not divided into two persons;
He is understood to have two natures
without commixion or confusion.
O noble and blessed Woman,
intercede with Him that He may mercy on our souls.


Great Prokeimenon, Tone 8
I cry aloud to God, cry aloud to God that He may hear me.
verse: In the day of my distress I sought the Lord.
verse: My soul refused to be consoled.
verse: Your ways, O God, are holy.


(1) Isaiah 43:9-14; (2) Wisdom 3:1-9; (3) Wisdom 4:7-15



In Tone 1

Because of his glorious suffering,
the brilliant warrior George rejoices with the powers above.
At this time we also rejoice with them.
He has inspired the faithful on earth
to observe the feast and to celebrate with them.
Because of that he was considered a servant of Christ.
Let us, therefore, worthily venerate him
who prays unceasingly to the God of all to grant us great mercy.

You produced the best by valiant sufferings
and offered up your fruitful toils, O blessed martyr George.
Strengthening your yearning by faith and scorning fear by hope,
you revealed your love for heaven.
You showed courage to us.
By your fervent prayers ask for peace for our souls,
the cleansing of our sins,
and great mercy for us.

In Tone 4

Come, O assembly of the faithful.
Come, let us celebrate the feast.
Today is manifested the glorious memory of George the martyr.
Sparkling with virtues, he is invisibly illuminating our hearts.
Therefore, let us cry out with one mind:
Rejoice, O warrior of Christ the great king!
Rejoice, O most splendid and rich one!
O most blessed one, in our behalf, implore Christ our God, the Master of all,
that we may be preserved from temptations of the Evil One
and that our souls may be saved.

In Tone 5, Glory… Now…

Come, let us be filled with delight.
Spring has come and brought forth the Resurrection of Christ.
Come, let us be joyful.
The commemoration of the martyr has arrived and illumines the faithful.
Therefore, come, O lovers of feasts;
let us celebrate that mystery.
For, as a good soldier, he courageously overcame and confounded the torturers.
He was an imitator of the passion of Christ the Saviour.
He did not spare his earthen vessel,
but exposed it naked, allowing it to suffer tortures.
Let us cry out to him:
O Martyr, pray that our souls may be saved.



In Tone 4

In being lifted upon the Cross, O Lord,
You abolished the curse which we had inherited from our ancestors.
By going down into Hades,
You freed from eternal captivity those imprisoned there
and granted incorruption to the human race.
We, therefore, praise your life-giving and redeeming Resurrection.


The Paschal Stichera are now sung in the customary manner:


Let God arise, let His enemies be scattered.

Today a sacred Pascha is revealed to us: a new and holy Pascha; a mystical Pascha; a Pascha which is Christ the Redeemer; a blameless Pascha; a great Pascha; a Pascha of the faithful; a Pascha which has opened for us the gates of Paradise; a Pascha which sanctifies all the faithful.

As smoke vanishes, let them vanish!

Come from that scene O women bearers of glad tidings, and say to Zion: Receive from us the glad tidings of joy of Christ’s Resurrection: Exult and be glad, and rejoice, O Jerusalem, seeing Christ the King who comes forth from the tomb like a Bridegroom in procession!

So let sinners perish before the face of God, but let the righteous scatter rejoice!

The myrrh-bearing women at the break of dawn drew near to the tomb of the Life Giver. There they found an angel sitting upon a stone, he greeted the, with these words: “Why do you seek the living among the dead? Why do you mourn in the incorrupt amid corruption? Go, proclaim the glad tidings to His disciples.”

This is the day which the Lord has made: let us rejoice and be glad in it!

Pascha of beauty! The Pascha of the Lord! Pascha! A Pascha worthy of all honour has dawned on us. Pascha! Let us embrace each other joyously! Pascha, ransom from affliction! For today as from a bridal chamber Christ has shown forth from the Tomb, and filled the women with joy saying: “Proclaim the glad tidings to the Apostles!”

In Tone 4, Glory…

Let us spiritually praise the great-martyr George,
the living steel of endurance.
He was tried by fire and branding irons
and sharp instruments of torture for the sake of Christ.
These various tortures ravaged the body which is perishable by nature;
but love conquered nature,
persuading the beloved to make his way through death to Christ our God,
the Saviour of our souls.


This is the day of Resurrection, let us be illumined by the Feast! Let us embrace each other! Let us call “brothers and sisters” even those that hate us and forgive all by the Resurrection, and so let us cry:

Christ is risen from the dead, trampling death by death, and to those in the tombs, giving life. (3)



In Tone 4
O victorious great-martyr George,* as a liberator of captives and helper of the poor,* physician of the sick,* and champion of kings, entreat Christ God to save our souls. (twice)

In Tone 1
Hail, Mother of God, Virgin Mary full of grace! The Lord is with you. * Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb. * For you have borne Christ, the Saviour and Deliverer of our souls.

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