God Is With Us – Great Compline with Lytia

God Is With Us – Great Compline with Lytia

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God Is With Us – Great Compline with Lytia

Fr. Conrad B. Dachuk


The translation and order of service which follows is taken from a bilingual Ukrainian-English edition entitled Z Namy Boh – God is With Us, which was made in 1981 by Very Rev. Archpriest Conrad Boris Dachuck for the use of St. Michael the Archangel Ukrainian Catholic Church, Welland, Ontario. This present edition, with complete music for mixed chorus, was made by Fr. Dachuck in 1988 especially for our Welland Millennium Choir which is directed by Very Rev. Fr. Dionysius Lizzotti, Protopresbyter of the Roman Catholic Deanery of Welland and pastor of St. Kevin’ s Church in the same city.

This excellent 50-voice choir, comprising choristers from various local Catholic parishes, was formed in commemoration of the Millennium of Christianity in Rus’-Ukraine. We fervently hope that it will continue in existence even after the millennial year of 1988 to further an awareness of the Byzantine rite in general and Ukrainian liturgical music in particular.

The musical settings presented herein stem primarily from the Galician (Western Ukrainian) chant tradition, that being the native chant of most Ukrainian Catholics. This tradition, however, has never been properly systematised nor, for the most part, formally harmonised. A folk tradition, the province more of congregations than of choirs , arrangements of it for mixed chorus virtually do not exist, although some arrangements for male chorus have been produced in seminaries.

Consequently, the music on the following pages is unique inasmuch as it is the most complete collection of Galician chants at Christmas Compline to have been formally harmonised for mixed chorus to date. This edition presupposes that a trained choir is leading the singing, rather than one or more cantors who, for lack of training, often distort the melodies.

It is with a sense of pride in the simplicity and beauty of these chants that this collection is presented to our Millennium Choir as a labour of love!

Fr. Conrad B. Dachuk

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